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Sea Fishing Tackle in the UK - The Importance of Proper Maintenance

sea fishing tackle Many UK anglers have invested substantial funds into their sea fishing tackle setup. However, sometimes these same sportsmen fail to properly care for and maintain their sea fishing gear. In this article, we'll present some basic information about keeping your saltwater fishing tackle in top condition.

Sea Fishing Tackle - Wash, Dry and Lubricate Your Reel

Salt water is highly corrosive, so after fishing be sure to lightly rinse or thoroughly wipe your fishing rod and fishing reel with clean fresh water. Don't be tempted to rinse your fishing reel under running water because doing so can damage its sometimes-delicate internal mechanisms.

Some anglers use a light solution made with mild dishwashing detergent or pure soap if their tackle has been used in salt water for an extended period. Never use abrasives or scrubbers of any type. Dry your tackle with a clean, dry, soft cloth. When thoroughly dry, apply a light coat of good-quality lightweight lubricating oil. Also oil any moving points like where the handle joins the reel, using a light touch on these frictional surfaces.

Sea Fishing Tackle - Storage and Maintenance of Fishing Tackle

Before storing your reel, back off the drag to take the pressure off springs and washers. Do not store reels in plastic bags because water may remain on the reel, even after the most thorough drying. Like any mechanical device, your reel needs a periodic overhaul, perhaps once per season. Before attempting an overhaul on your own, review the manual that came with your reel. Then select a clean, well-lit work surface. Have on hand all the tools you need as well as any necessary lubricants and cleaners. If needed, devise a simple labeling system for the parts as you remove them, so you'll remember how to reassemble the reel.

More on Reel Overhaul

Once the reel is apart, the first step is cleaning. Use a degreasing agent such as a mild detergent solution to clean the parts. For stubborn grease, try mineral spirits or paraffin, applied sparingly. Be sure to remove the degreaser before putting the reel back together. It's also a good idea to occasionally have the manufacturer's service department do a thorough factory overhaul of your reel. It's a simple matter to send it off to the manufacturer in the off-season. However, despite factory servicing, your reel will always require cleaning and lubrication after every use.

Rod Maintenance

Just rinse your rod with fresh water and then with a mild soap solution to remove the corrosive salt. Check the guides and the windings that hold the guides for nicks, cuts and fraying. Store your rod vertically in a specialised rod holder or horizontally on a flat surface. Do not lean rods against the wall, as this will cause warping. With proper care and maintenance, your sea fishing tackle will give you many years of service and enjoyment of the many excellent sea fishing trips around the UK coast. For more information, call us at 01656 722448.

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